Brickwork monitor

Brickwork is the first software solution to bridge the gap between consumer e-commerce and brick & mortar experiences by powering a new digital presence for physical stores, featuring online-to-store conversion funnels. With Brickwork, retailers can activate web & mobile browsers to deliver more primed-to-purchase customers into their local stores.

Tanooki Labs was integral to the first-generation product feature strategy and guided architecture and development in concert with Brickwork’s CTO. We developed Brickwork’s MVP and primed Brickwork for product iterations that have enabled the platform to scale from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of users in under a year.

"We hold Tanooki Labs in the highest regard. Tanooki is led by two strategic, product-oriented, practical and above-all, kind engineers-turned-CTOs. Tanooki’s code is matched by their professional approach to product planning and project management. They responded to our needs with dynamic staffing, extensive start-up and enterprise experience, and a clients’-clients-first mentality. "
— David Munczinski
Founder & CEO, Brickwork