Everplans monitor

Everplans is a tool that provides information about end-of-life planning and allows users to build and save documents around what should happen when they pass away. The platform includes documents such as wills, life insurance, health information, online account details, and even funeral wishes. The information is encrypted and securely stored in a vault that gives a user the flexibility to manage what information is shared with others and when.

Tanooki Labs has been working with Everplans from the very beginning when we built their MVP, and we continue to work with them on subsequent iterations of their product. One of the critical aspects for the Everplans platform was the bank-level security that Tanooki Labs implemented, which includes AES-256 encryption and advanced SSL encryption using 2048-bit certificates.

"We had a great experience working with Tanooki Labs, and they were instrumental in helping us get our MVP designed, built and out there into the hands of real customers. They have a great combination of technical expertise and product savvy and a proactive approach to getting things right (not just getting them done) that ultimately resulted in an MVP that was quite a bit more than just “minimal” and will serve as a great foundation for future product developments. "
— Adam Seifer
Founder & CEO, Everplans