Product Strategy + Development in NYC


Tanooki Labs will help you map out your initial product strategy, build a solid MVP (minimum viable product), and continue to support your on-going, iterative development.


We work in Agile development sprints that provide the greatest level of transparency for our clients. You will be included in daily stand-up meetings and weekly retrospectives to make sure you have a handle on exactly how your product development is going at all times.


We are big fans of Ruby on Rails and native iOS development, but we choose the right tool for every project. Our team has significant experience in many platforms and languages.


  • Zady phone
  • Buster cropped highqt
  • Everplans highqt
  • Eddy 1
  • Makerbot1
  • Brickwork1


  • I was in desperate need of a CTO and Tanooki Labs was our perfect solution...they made vital contributions to the business by defining product feature sets, creating wireframes to aid marketing efforts, and even helping find new investors.
    Matthew Kochman
    Founder & CEO, Buster
  • We had a great experience working with Tanooki Labs...they have a great combination of technical expertise and product savvy and a proactive approach to getting things right (not just getting them done).
    Adam Seifer
    Founder & CEO, Everplans
  • When we first started building Zady, Tanooki Labs was able to provide clear technical direction to get the site up and running in a short timeframe. Since then, the team at Tanooki has been instrumental in the overall product strategy.
    Soraya Darabi
    Co-Founder, Zady
  • Having Tanooki Labs as a trusted partner has allowed us as co-founders to focus on our products and company mission. Tanooki Labs has taken our vision and goals and turned them into a successful online marketplace.
    Maxine Bédat
    Co-Founder, Zady
  • "The Tanooki team has the heart and guts of a start-up, and it's been invaluable to have them working alongside us. They get how crucial deadlines are, which is so important for an early-stage company that needs to bring in outside development."
    Daniela Perdomo
    Founder & CEO, goTenna
  • “We hold Tanooki Labs in the highest regard. Tanooki is led by two strategic, product-oriented, practical and above-all, kind engineers-turned-CTOs. Tanooki’s code is matched by their professional approach to product planning and project management. They responded to our needs with dynamic staffing, extensive start-up and enterprise experience, and a clients’-clients-first mentality.”
    David Munczinski
    Founder & CEO, Brickwork